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Countdown Days - App & Widget


★ Countdown Days - The #1 countdown app & countdown widget for homescreen on Google Play with more than ★ 5 Million downloads.Countdown widget is an easy-to-use, free app that reminds you about important events in your life. Never miss another Christmas, Holiday, Halloween, Event, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Sports Event with Countdown Timer Widget. Are you manually calculating days left until some special date like: wedding, delivering a baby, serving the army, shopping trip, salary, bonus, summer holiday, Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, New Year’s Eve, ski trip? Did you ever forget important event and felt bad about it? Using the countdown widget for homescreen application, you will never miss one again. Countdown Timer widget comes in 4 different sizes for homescreen and displays days, hours and minutes left. Countdown Timer Application - Event Timer and Reminder features summary:
★ Never miss another Christmas, Holiday, Halloween, Event, Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary with Countdown Timer Widget.★ Birthday Countdown app★ Event Countdown widget★ Day Countdown widget for homescreen★ All your events now stored in a single view.★ Beautiful Calendar View for better event tracking.★ Import events from Facebook.★ Import and track all public holidays for more than 50 countries.★ Choose between dozens of beautiful application themes.★ Event repetition and advanced notification options.★ Customize events with amazing collection of stickers.★ Backup and seamlessly share events with multiple devices (Premium option).★ Stunning HD Widget themes.★ Pregnancy Widget
Countdown Widget Timer features summary:
★ Small widget (1x1) - Simple graphics, days left timer and reminder.★ Medium widget (2x1) –Moderate Screen graphics, days left timer with 4 digits.★ Large widget (3x1) –Rich HD Screen Graphics with days, hours and minutes timer and reminder.
That is not all; you can also add multiple events to countdown to. For example, you can set one date for your yearly bonus and the other for the trip to Hawaii :) Once the desired date have been reached, widget starts to count the days passed, so you can track down the days passed since you have quit smoking or trying to lose some weight :)And with new, beautiful HD themes, countdown widget app is not only useful, it looks stunning as well. As special events are meant for sharing, we have ensured that you can share graphic-rich event updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email.Countdown widget is available in three different sizes - 1x1, 2x1 and 3x1. With small and medium widget size, you can countdown days until the event. However, large size widget is counting hours and minutes as well as giving you extra precision.
Although most of the themes are free, some of them are locked and require upgrade to premium version to get unlocked. You can upgrade to premium version from within the app for only 0.99. This upgrade will unlock ALL widget themes and remove the ads as well.
How to use it? It is simple. After selecting the Countdown widget you just need to enter the date, time and title of an event to count down to.